The Group

Our forte covers a span of activities including trading, food and beverage, as well as state-of-the-art technology. We are equipped to deal with a range of customer requirements and excel at every single one of them. Introducing our child companies:

Progress in business is a function of the ability to overcome problems and find value-generating solutions. Bayolu Innovations is the leading service provider to help you tackle any obstacle in the IT frontier. We develop smart software trained to solve sophisticated challenges that modern enterprises face. We are also experienced in native, hybrid, and cross-platform mobile apps for consumer-facing and corporate environments. Keeping up with the turbulent business environment, we have also been able to develop productive & engaging web solutions for smarter work and improved customer service. Our efforts are always focused on building and deploying adequate, sophisticated enterprise apps to streamline your business process, workflows and communication. Collaborate with us for clear progress characterised by improved business ideas as well as marketing strategies.
In our quest for innovation and improvement in all spheres of life, we present a Bubblicious idea. Established in 1992, Sharetea started off business with to-go black tea and pearl milk tea drinks in Taipei, Taiwan. Since then Sharetea has opened many branches and franchises in 16 countries such as United States, Canada, Southeast Asia, Australia, Dubai and over 300 stores. Our drinks are made from high-quality tea leaves and selected ingredients shipped directly from Taiwan. All products are 100% guaranteed to arrive fresh and tasty. We test the tea leaves during each growing season and all ingredients from time to time to ensure our drinks’ consistent quality. Best tea needs the best ingredients and we insist on the best for you!
Bayolu foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization committed to strengthening communities through children development, healthy living, and social responsibility regardless of their ethnicity, caste or religion. They are engaged in various social outreach and development activities in locations across Sri-lanka and the Philippines. The foundation strives to promote and support underprivileged children through their education and medical well-being programs. We understand and strongly believe that programs for aiding under-privileged children and youth can pave the way forward in the holistic development of our society. In accordance with this, it is also necessary to make quality administrative services available to all.
Founded by industry experts with robust track records, Bayolu Trading is the foremost supply chain management and general trading company offering expertise and services across the globe. Our services have improved the trading experience for manufacturers and suppliers worldwide, through our streamlined processes and collaborations in the field. We work relentlessly to provide quality customer service as well as timely deliverables. Our efforts are also focused on maintaining a complete range of consumable products and medical items. Our experience and expertise in international trading will ensure that we are able to assist you in becoming an important stakeholder in the field of supply chain management as well as worldwide general trading. Partner with us for clear, distinctive and valuable progress.
We understand that every business solution is unique and specific to each individual, business and scenario. We are committed to forming partnerships with clients and aiding them in making well informed and profitable business decisions. We also help industries maximise their returns by focusing on key business goals and objectives, all-inclusive of a fruitful collaboration. Our efforts are always aligned with our corporate mission of synergy and sustainability. It has always been our objective to deliver goods and vital services for customers’ maximum satisfaction. Since its inception in 2011, all our products and services have always been developed and delivered with a definite sense of social, environmental and economic responsibility. Collaborate with us for improved business opportunities as well as strategies.